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Volvo Ocean Race in Cape Town

The first week since I arrived in Cape Town has been crazy. Every day there’s been something going on. Meeting up with a lot of people, the usual strong Cape Town winds with big air sessions and sandy camera gear. I loved it again straight away. The most epic thing was that I was able…

Call of Duty with Nick Jacobsen

For weeks I was watching the storms traveling over the Atlantic hitting the coast of Europe. I really wanted to do something with it and was only looking for the right moment and the right people. Just before the peak of the storm I was able to convince Nick Jacobsen to come over and find…

Airush Union III video

Promotional video for the Airush Union III. A 3 minute kitesurf video showing wave riding and freestyle clips combined to express the diversity of the Union kite. All shot on Canon 5D MKIV and Canon 1DX MKII in CineStyle. Athlete: Oswald Smith Product: Airush Union III, Lifewire and Converse Location: Dakhla, Morocco

Photo exhibition in Cape Town

It finally happend! The idea for an exhibition was in my head for a couple of years already but I finally had the feeling that I was ready for it and that I found the right place, the capital of kiteboarding, to show of some pieces of my work that I capture throughout the years.…

The Shoot

A short background story about shooting and exploring other places around Cape Town and what you can achieve when you leave to known spots behind. The story got published in TheKiteMag and the photos that are using in this article are part of the yearly Airush Kiteboarding catalogue shoot.

Kalk Bay Surf Session

Kalk Bay is a little fishing village on the coast of False Bay, South Africa and is now a suburb of greater Cape Town. It lies between the ocean and sharply rising mountainous heights that are buttressed by crags of grey Table Mountain Sandstone. A literal translation from the Dutch/Afrikaans name “Kalkbaai” is “Lime Bay”.…