“I'm an extreme sports photographer based in the Netherlands.
I love to travel around the world capturing extraordinary moments of passionate athletes.”

Ydwer van der Heide is an extreme sports photographer hailing from the Netherlands and, through being a passionate rider himself, he has combined his early passion for photography and evolved to have one of the most instantly recognisable styles of imagery in kiteboarding, blending natural elements with the movement and feel of the sport. The texture of his shots is something else.

Although Ydwer shoots for bike magazines and other events, through specialising in kiteboarding, Ydwer is one of the most in-demand and most frequently commissioned 'guns for hire' by the professional riders and kiteboarding manufacturers. He's also a graphic designer and is art director for Access Kiteboarding magazine in The Netherlands, and staff photographer at Kiteworld International Magazine

Ydwer has been coming to South Africa for many years to shoot with the best kiters in the world and has been covering Red Bull King for the Air since its South African inception. His thrill in photography comes from reacting to the environment, improvising in the moment and accurately portraying the reality of the sport's best riders braving the most extreme conditions.

Words: Jim Gaunt / Kiteworld International Magazine