It finally happend! The idea for an exhibition was in my head for a couple of years already but I finally had the feeling that I was ready for it and that I found the right place, the capital of kiteboarding, to show of some pieces of my work that I capture throughout the years.

Why Cape Town? Well, the reason is simple. Every year thousands of kiteboarder from all over the world visit Cape Town to do what they love to do, to be part of the biggest kiteboarding scene in the world and to enjoy what Cape Town has to offer besides of the strong winds and waves. This is my audience and this is the place where my work comes to justice.

It was a great experience to see my work printed on large format and come alive. It's a whole new level to get people together, looking at your work and hear their thoughts and feelings. I did not expect such a great turn-up and I was overwhelmed by so many people and the amazing feedback that I got.

Thanks to everyone for coming to my first exhibition and showing interested in my work. Special thanks to Marije Elgersma for realizing my dreams, Jim Gaunt from Kiteworld Magazine for his words during the opening and the riders during the signing session.

In the meantime I've been working on my webshop where some of the items that were presented at the exhibition are for sale. Have a look if you are interested.

Opening of the exhibition in Carlucci's Blouberg
Jalou Langeree showing here appreciation