Hi, I’m Ydwer. Huh?! Yeah, that’s right, it’s not a name you hear every day and originates from the northern part of the Netherlands where I was born. Although I don’t spent much time there anymore, I still feel a huge attachment to that part of the world as it's where my roots are. As a photographer, I now follow the wind around the globe looking for adventure and extraordinary moments to capture. I started playing around with my dad's camera a as a child. Oh yeah... I must have ruined a lot of film. But it gave me a good understanding of the functions of all the little buttons on a camera in an early stage. Over the years photography has always come back into my life and during high school I had my first dark room experience in a photography class. Following that I joined a photo lab at school and studied for a Bachelor in Communications before starting work as a freelance graphic designer. After a couple of years my professional focus slowly shifted back towards photography when I realized it was way more fun than designing websites and magazines. In 2009 it started to become really serious and I became confident enough the tell everybody that from then on I was a 'photographer'. I’ve always had a huge interest in extreme sports and adventure; where the mind goes the body will follow. I’m always looking for new adventures and to use my creativity to capture the special moments.