Sometimes things just happen when they ment to be. Traveling through Portugal in a campervan, searching for waves, with my girlfriend was still something on my bucket list. See the big wave spot Nazaré going off was a second one. So it happened this November and it came all together. Lucky us you might think.

While we were watching the big sets rolling in a few guys on yet ski’s got towed in and it was just sick to watch. I’ve been to many good wave spots but never had I seen such monsters breaking right in from of a lighthouse. The tiny surfers catching them made them look even bigger and scarier than they already were.

Suddenly two kitesurfers popped up in the waves, not knowing who they were I started shooting some photos as it was just spectacular and you’d never know what story it could fit in. There were a lot of guys filmen and taking photos and I asked one if he was shooting any specific rider. He said: “Yeah mate, I’m shooting all of them, some surfers and some kitesurfers”. I was too curious and asked if he knew the guys kitesurfing. He said: “Yeah mate, it’s Jesse Richman, a dude from Hawaii. We’re shooting some kind of documentary”. That was funny, off course I know Jesse and even more funny was that we bumped into him on the parking lot later on.

I went trough my photos and quickly contacted Jim from Kiteworld if he would be interested in one of them. One minute later I got a text back. “Oh ha hi mate, I’m literally trying to hold the cover for him. What you got?? :)” So it went. During the next hour I’ve been working from the campervan with my laptop and a bad Wifi connection trying to upload my shots for Jim.

I don’t believe in coincident so much. Everything has a meaning, you just need to see them in the right perspective.

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