We went out to get some wave shots when suddenly the clouds came in and the wind started to drop. Kevin gave the call to go in as you don’t want to be stuck outside the reef on One Eye. As we came back to the beach the clouds got darker and darker and it started to rain. In the background a little rainbow started to shine and became brighter every second. As fast as we could we went out again to catch the last bit of wind. It didn’t last long but just enough to for two attempt. The wind dropped completely and the rainbow started to fade away.

Sometimes you only have a couple of minutes where the conditions are perfect. Mastering the following three keys will help you big times:

• Know your camera equipment, have no surprises and be able to adjust rapidly without thinking as soon as you need to.
• Good communications between athlete and the photographer is the second one. You need to know what you want, what’s possible (trick and gear wise).
• Having a good understanding of what you are shooting is very important and will give you a huge advantage.

Some people say you need to be bit lucky. True! But if you master those three things you will instantly gain more lucky moments.