WISIB will be a new blog post feature on my website. It stands for What I See In-Between. A lot of times I have to travel to beautiful destinations for particular jobs or shoots. The images from those trips most of the time go to clients that use them for their own marketing. They are awesome but it often takes some time before they get published. This blog feature is ment for those images that I snap in-between. This can be landscape, portraits, street or any kind of photography. Funny, beautiful, typical or confronting. Images you might never see otherwise. It can literally be anything as long I think it's worth sharing. I hope you like it and that you are coming back to see more of my WISIB's from the upcoming trip.

This is a WISIB from Dakhla / Morocco. I went there for the GKA Wave and Strapless Freestyle World Cup. There was one day without wind and we decided to check out down town Dakhla. Normally we don't really have the time for this but we found it very interesting to show a little bit more of Dakhla than just the beach. The people are very friendly, there's quite some history to explore if you are keen and it's just good to see a different perspective of this area. Enjoy a couple of photos!